RaVe puukot

knives from Finnish Lapland

Except for the blade I always make my knives by hand. I use blades by Laurin Metalli Oy (https://www.laurinmetalli.fi/) or Brisa Oy (https://brisa.fi/). The handle is made of either natural materials such as horns and wood, or composites such as acrylic plastics. Surface treatment includes immersion varnish or oiling (Danish Oil among others).
I make sheaths by sewing them of quality leather. The incision protection is mainly of plywood or wood.
 I sell through direct contact only and ship primarily by mail.
Regardless of distance, shipping inside EU is always 30 €. (except in Finland 7e)

Knives are also sold in the Nuorgam Holiday Village: https://www.nuorgaminlomakeskus.fi/

See some of my work at https://www.instagram.com/rave_puukot/