RaVe puukot

knives from Finnish Lapland

Except for the blade I always make my knives by hand. I use blades by Laurin Metalli Oy (https://www.laurinmetalli.fi/) or Brisa Oy (https://brisa.fi/). The handle is made of either natural materials such as horns and wood, or composites such as acrylic plastics. Surface treatment includes immersion varnish or oiling (Danish Oil among others).
I make sheaths by sewing them of quality leather. The incision protection is mainly of plywood or wood.
Unfortunately for me it is impossible to set up an ecommerce because my knives are completely unique. I sell through direct contact only and ship primarily by mail.
Regardless of distance, shipping inside EU is always 30 €. (except in Finland 7e)

Knives are also sold in the Nuorgam Holiday Village: https://www.nuorgaminlomakeskus.fi/

See some of my work at https://www.instagram.com/rave_puukot/